Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

MISSHA represents the voice of women in their 20s-30s
who are seeking for a path to find their 'own kind of beautiful'.


MISSHA encourages women to honestly and boldly express their own charms and possess a friendly sense of wit.


MISSHA joins in the intelligent efforts of
customers to meticulously review quality,
ingredients and price to make reasonable purchases.


MISSHA proposes various different lifestyle codes that are contemporary and edgy, which is offered through our products for you to explore and find a way to create your 'own kind of beautiful'.

family brand

  • A'pieu

    provides customized, mild and hydrating beauty routines for our customers to achieve the highest comfort your skin can feel, and offers various colors and textures our customers can use to find their own fun makeup look amidst mundane daily routines.

  • Mefactory

    Mefactory specializes in pore and skin turnover, based on Korea's best-selling nose pack, the Piggy Nose Pack. The adorable character 'Piggy Nose' leads the trend of young K-Beauty.


    MERZY's definition of youth is "Uncontainable" and "Attractive". MERZY is an implicative expression that means bringing out 'my other self' in women. It also means the unison between me and my other self called 'MERZY.'


    HONESI, which started from Bestian Lab, a burn-specialized hospital, is an Ampoule Sepcialist Brand that presents accurate solutions to various skin troubles in the world. HONESI develop and research Ampoule that solves various skin troubles based on expertise in a skin care.

  • Sengdo

    Book with the Wisdom of Life We provide the most essential items in your life along with the value of wisdom


    "The Most Beautiful Addiction Begins" Start your most magical transformation to your body with special products formulated with the magical recipe of Bodyholic. Release your own charm whenever and wherever. Bodyholicis a body care brand that makes every moment of your life

  • Cellapy

    Cellapy is developed to provide a comfortable at-home skin care routine for busy consumers. After years of in-depth research in the field of cosmetic, Cellapy is determined to only use ingredients that Are healthy to the skin and technologies that can solve skin problems fundamentally. Our goals is to strive for the rejuvenation of all consumers' healthy skin.


    LAPOTHICELL, the Easiest Way to Love Your Skin Lapothicell expresses our will to present the world with totally new products. Lapothicell is a name coined by joining "l'apothicaire", an old French word for pharmacists who used to prescribe individuals with appropriate medicine, and "cell" for cutting-edge skin technology. Lapothicell will provide clear solutions for your skin troubles, and we will continue to create healthy, genuine cosmetic products to make everyone happy.