MISSHA is guided by its beauty philosophy
of delivering beauty for all women
by focusing on the fundamentals
while listening to customers’ skin problems and needs.

Consumer-focused Beauty Beauty that begins with the customer

MISSHA has endeared itself to customers for producing products focused on functions and effects based on customers’ needs; it offers suitable solutions by reflecting customers’ opinions and problems.
The 10 million MISSHA customers are our very own beauty consultants.

* This is based on the cumulative number of customers as of May 2020.

Simple Solutions Simple beauty solutions focused on functions and effects

MISSHA creates formulas and solutions based on data and customers’ needs
to concentrate on the substances and
effects desired by customers and
eliminate anything unnecessary.
We provide beauty solutions that can
completely deliver effects
up to the last moment of contact with skin by finding and thoroughly verifying optimal ingredients.

Beauty Heritage Global beauty brand that has flourished with 10 million customers

Since its launch in 2000, Time Revolution has been selected by 10 million customers.
More than 100 million units of BB Cream have also been sold worldwide.
As a results of striving to satisfy the beauty standard of Korean customers who are practically beauty experts,
representative K-beauty brand MISSHA has now grown into a global beauty brand
that listens to the voices of global customers beyond Korea with its remarkable feats.


  • Number of stores
    32,829 stores in all
  • Advanced in
    50 countries
  • USA 1,527
  • Europe 2,638 Russia, Spain, Poland, Belarus, Turkey, Sweden, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Germany, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova,  Slovakia, Bulgaria
  • China 3,570 Corporation: Located in Beijing
  • Japan 23,000 Corporation: Located in Tokyo
  • South Korea 583
  • America 102 Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile
  • Others 236 United Arab Emirates,
    Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain,
    Qatar, Oman, Morocco
  • Asia 1,165 Kazakhstan, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia, the Philippines,
    Malaysia, India
  • Oceania 8 Australia, New Zealand

* Including brick & mortar stores, shop-in-shop retailers, department stores, and H&B stores as of May 2020.


  • A'pieu
  • stila
  • Cellapy
  • 미팩토리돼지
  • pupa
  • Sengdo