Time Revolution Artemisia

Origin of ARTEMISIA,‘Ganghwa Island’

Ganghwa Island is a place with a low number of natural disasters, the mild oceanic climate from the sea and moderate salinity makes the place serene.

ARTEMISIA with sea breeze of Ganghwa Island is harvested in an environment full of minerals, surrounded by the sea.
We harvest it during September in which there’s the maximum amount of active properties within ARTEMISIA.

The process of double
natural fermentations of ARTEMISIA

  • We grew ARTEMISIA with pure sea breeze of Ganghwa Island, mineral soil and warm sun lights
  • We harvested ARTEMISIA with full active ingredients in September
  • We made ARTEMISIA extracts through double fermentations, once in warm temperatures and twice in cool temperatures
  • We have put concentrate of a single ingredient extract with highly active ingredients through low-temperature & high pressure extracting method

Time Revolution
Artemisia Essence Effect

  • Trehalose
    Moisture layer
  • Betaine
    Moisture pillar
  • Glycerin

Blind survey on cosmetics by ‘Hwahae’
Survey-Satisfaction Results

(207 people who concern dry, oily and combination on skin used ‘TIME REVOLUTION ARTEMISIA’ Line for 2 weeks)

  • Product is refreshing 91.0%
  • Product gets applied well 90.3%
  • Product gets absorbed fast 93.4%
  • Product feels mild 92.4%


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