Beauty is neither a privilege allowed only to a few nor a
metaphysical/luxurious advertising that cannot be
understood easily,
but is our consumers’ daily life regardless of how much
time they spend and how much money they have

Based on the needs and data of over 10 million customers,
we continue to develop safe and advanced solutions to deliver
the most effective results.


    Proven by its

    With effects-focused ingredients that contain only the necessities,
    we provide the best ingredients
    that focus on essence and function while delivering
    excellent results until the very end.
  • TECH

    Proven by its

    We offer safe ingredient benefits to the skin through
    the use of advanced custom absorption technology
    that fully delivers the effects of our carefully
    selected ingredients.
  • LAB

    Proven by its

    Based on the needs and data of 10 million customers,
    we take a deeper approach to various skin concerns in
    a rapidly changing environment.
    We have thoroughly verified the effects and safety of
    our carefully selected ingredients and products using
    our custom absorption technology.


Since its first launching in 2000, MISSHA has remained by our customers’ side.

Listening to the stories and skin concerns of our customers,
we create solutions focused on functionality and efficacy
to offer everyone a chance to experience the beauty created
by the voices of our customers.

From our iconic Time Revolution being chosen by
over 10 million customers to 100 million units of our BB Cream
sold worldwide -

MISSHA has now become a global beauty brand that goes
beyond K-beauty, trusted and chosen by
over 10 million customers around the world.

*Based on the cumulative number of customers as of May 2020.
*130 million units of MISSHA BB Cream sold
(Based on the total domestic and overseas shipments as of June 2020)


  • 2000

    Start of Beautynet service
    MISSHA online launching

  • 2002

    MISSHA road shop launching
    ( First shop opened in EWHA Women’s University )

  • 2019

    TIME REVOLUTION hit record
    sales with over 10 million
    units sold
    ( Based on the total sales of all generations after release )

  • 2020

    BB Cream hit record sales
    with over 130 million units
    sold worldwide
    ( Based on the total domestic and
    overseas shipments as of June 2020)

  • 2020

    Celebrated the 20th anniversary
    of the MISSHA brand,
    operating about 30,000 stores
    ( as of May 2000; including road shops,
    shop-in-malls, department stores, H&B stores )